curse 1.jpgSnap, Crackle & Pop! is a book that should be in every film school library.  Even if you never intend to try your hand at camera-less film making the book is a useful resource tool for anyone seriously interested in animation.  It will definitely give you an understanding of the processes used when you watch a camera-less film.”

– Nancy Denney – Phelps, AWN magazine

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“Perfectly Analyzed”

– Albert Alcoz, Found Footage Magazine.

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“Scratch, Crackle & Pop scratches an itch both for those curious about the mechanics of this particular branch of filmmaking and those who may be feeling drawn to creating work of their own that exists a world apart from the traditional or digital conditions they may be used to. Whether enabling a permanent shift of artistic direction or serving as a creative palette cleanser, it’s a proposition that holds appeal.”

– Ben Mitchell, Writer, Critic, Skwigly Online Animation magazine

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“C’est un beau livre de partage d’un savoir sur cette technique.”

– Alexis Shigeru Hunot, critic, writer, broadcaster.

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★★★★ Highly recommended!

– Robert Lyons (Media Professor, Pratt)

the cave copy

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